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  • We recently transferred from another Montessori school in the area to ILMS and we could not be happier with our decision. We have finally found the school that we hope to make our children’s second home. From the second you walk into ILMS you can feel the love that the staff has for each and every student. My son was a bit timid at first, but the teachers and staff made him feel very welcome and he has grown to love going to school. His teacher, Ms. Charu, has a wonderful gift to communicate with children genuinely and effectively. My son has taken to her since the day they met. There are plenty of unique enrichment activities available for children that we hope to take advantage of soon, and we have found the parent workshops very useful as well. In my opinion, this school is in a league of their own compared to others in the area. We feel very lucky to have become part of the ILMS family and provide our children with such a nurturing and educational environment.

    Amanda Ripley February, 2014

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